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Rescuing God From
the Rubble of Religion

video cover

End 2,000 years of confusion, and learn what the BIBLE really says!!

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Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion lights up the Scriptures with a fresh perspective and answers questions we all have.

Tom’s gift for “breaking it down,” and a “straight ahead” way of writing and speaking, makes the Scriptures warmly welcoming and refreshingly clear.

The insights you gain from this book will free your heart, cleanse and renew your spirit and soul, illuminating your incredible importance to the One Who said, “Let there be YOU!”  

Barbara Brown, Director of The Ministry Centers

Claudia Gabrielle profile photo

From the very first page to the last, Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion blew the lid off my conventional understanding of God and the Bible. It addressed my questions about the devil, sin, salvation, the sovereignty of God, and even how the dinosaurs fit in.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Taylor’s and Barbara Brown’s powerful insights into these topics and for the new revelation about Conciliation, all of which have transformed my relationship to and appreciation for God the Father, Jesus Christ, and Who They really are.  

Claudia Gabrielle, Holistic Family Physician

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Dr. Taylor invested over 40 years studying the Scriptures, as translated from their original languages. His book, Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion, explains in plain language Who God really is, who we are to Him, what His purpose really is, why we’re here, and why it’s important to know!

Learn more about Dr. Tom Taylor

“When you seek Me, you will find Me, provided you seek for Me wholeheartedly.”

(Jeremiah 29:13 CJB)

What Do I Do About the Dinosaurs?

My son’s new-found faith had raised a perfectly reasonable question that warranted an equally reasonable answer. His question was founded on a mistake that Christians have made for nearly 2,000 years, based on one three-letter word.

The Genesis account is the basis for the Christian insistence, at least in the most fundamentalist circles, that the Earth is no more than 6,000 years old; hence the question, “What do I do about the dinosaurs?”

Get the answer to this burning question and more in
Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion

Rescuing God from the Rubble of Religion book cover
Rescuing God from the Rubble of Religion audio book cover