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Dr. Tom Taylor

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tom Taylor.

Growing up in a churchgoing family taught me very little about God other than He was both loving and angry at the same time. The notion of an actual Being Who was everywhere all the time, all-seeing and all-knowing, and Who was equally capable of loving or destroying me, made God seem downright scary.

As soon as I left home for college, I threw the whole paradigm overboard. After a year of drug-laced hedonism, I delved into Zen Buddhism and other religions, but their spiritual hierarchies, paths to “enlightenment” and mysticism were as incomprehensible and unsatisfying as Christianity, so I poured myself into mind control techniques and encounter groups that were popular in the 1970’s.

In 1971, I hitchhiked from Cleveland, OH to Denver, CO where I met some “ Jesus freaks” living in a communal house. We read, ate, and shared our life stories. We attended “Spirit-filled” churches in Denver where people “spoke in tongues” and miracles of healing often happened. I decided to be baptized in the small church I attended most often where people were relatively poor but full of life and joy.

Soon after my baptism in water, a friend from the commune said, “I think you’re ready for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

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“Father, I want to know You,
I want to know what’s true,
and I don’t care what it costs.”

During my baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was made aware for the first time of my own spirit, truly aware. Something welled up inside me and began gushing out like water from a hydrant in a farmyard. Suddenly, I felt a direct communication with God that I never wanted to shut off, ever. God had suddenly become real! The next morning, I pulled into the construction site where I worked and as I faced the mountains in the cold, crisp air, I prayed, “Father, I want to know You, I want to know what’s true, and I don’t care what it costs.” I had no idea what I was setting in motion.

A few weeks later, I was invited to a three-day home group meeting where a pastor from Topeka, KS would be sharing discoveries that had led to disbanding his church. The pastor’s group of students was studying the Scriptures from the Koine Greek language (that’s ancient biblical or Hellenistic Greek) into which the original writings in the Scripture were transcribed. They found that the traditional teachings of the church were fundamentally flawed in areas like heaven and hell, the Trinity and other important elements of traditional Christian faith.

The biggest point for which the pastor had become infamous was teaching from the Scriptures that God would save all mankind and none would be lost in hell or anywhere else. My curiosity was roused!

“God will save all mankind
and none will be lost
in hell or anywhere else.”

Studying Scripture

During the weekend meetings, the visiting pastor carefully outlined the discoveries that he and his group had made. By the second day of the three-day experience, I was convinced that I should study with the pastor and his group. He confirmed my impression on the last day when he invited me to join them in Topeka. I arrived on February 2nd, 1972 to begin a 14-year adventure of discovering what the Scriptures really say. While each of us worked, completed degrees, and raised families, we met throughout the week to pour over Greek-English texts of the New Testament line by line, examine commentaries, examine Christian history and study Old Testament prophetic writings from translations as close to the original Hebrew and Aramaic languages as possible.

What we learned blew the lid off long-held traditions. Not only observing but understanding and eagerly participating in God’s purpose, we discovered the Father’s character as revealed by His own words and actions. We also found our inherent worth as His offspring and our central importance to the purpose that He’s operating today.

Dr. Tom Taylor invested over 40 years studying the Scriptures, as translated from their original languages. His recorded studies, Light Up the Scriptures and Can We Be Friends Now?, and his book, Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion, explain in plain language Who God really is, who we are to Him, what His purpose really is, why we’re here, and why it’s important to know!

Dr. Taylor is also recognized internationally as an expert in bio-energetics, practical nutrition, and pH (acid-alkaline balance) from a cellular perspective. His focus is on solutions that help restore, sustain, and improve health and well-being 100% of the time. “Anything less,” he says, “means you’re someone’s science experiment.”

Dr. Taylor has trained health care practitioners from around the world in bio-energy balancing, and written dozens of professional articles. He has led seminars for the public around the U.S., teaching principles and processes of how to blow through limitations to performance, advancement, fulfillment, and live above pain, illness, and dysfunction, in every area of life.

According to Dr. Taylor, “Pain, illness or dysfunction – no matter what it’s named – is only necessary until we answer the ‘alarm bell(s)’ that started it in the first place!” The process of moving from alarm into healing, simply and quickly, is explained in the book, Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing, which Dr. Taylor co-wrote with Barbara Brown, MSE. His other health-related books and e-books include Miracles With Minerals, Rejuvenate Your Liver in 14 Days, The Royal Flush, It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now!, and The Magic of pH.

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